Integrated Energy Therapy®

Working with healing angels and soft touch acupressure, we energize and trigger for the release of energy from trauma that is stored within our cells. We work on getting the “issues out of our tissues”. Click here for more information and pricing.

Healing Space $75/hour

What is healing space? Healing Space is designed by each individual’s needs. Many need a safe place to access what they are truly feeling and experience in their life. Many need guidance and help with direction to further heal. Some need only to work through their healing process out loud. Whether it be through shouting, crying, breaking things, or what ever expression is needed. I have been a spiritual “coach” for many years. I feel people need much more than a coach, they need space to express and be themselves with a totality of love and acceptance. They need compassionate listening. I wish to give this space to you. It is my honor.

Love Energy Therapy $100/hour


The basis for my energy therapy is Reiki. I primarily use the Violet Flame energy. It is a deeply loving energy that can move and transform any blocks or stagnant energy. This can be done anywhere. At my home or yours, indoors or out. I am willing to travel within the Verde Valley Area. This can also be sent distantly for yourself or a loved one you feel needs love and support.

Pet Healing Therapy Initial session $75, continuing sessions $35/hour

Pets are our family. They absorb many emotions and energies that flow through our homes. It is beneficial for them to have energy work done. Some pets do take time to accept and allow themselves to be healed. Many times the distant healing works better than in person, if they are highly skittish. I accept all types of animals.


Healing through writing class 30-45 min $35

Learn how to have a voice to those you may not be able to express yourself to.  Whether its saying how you feel to a loved one who has passed or to one who isn’t receptive, learn how to still have a way to express love, pain, hurt, joy.

Usui Ryoho Reiki

Level I   $150 4-6 hour class
Level II  $250 4-6 hour class * must have Reiki level I

Level III  $400 4-6 hour class * must have Reiki I & II

Violet Flame & Lavender Reiki

Level I – Master $250 6-8 hour class *must have Level III Usui Ryoho Reiki
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