Year Ending & Another Retrograde

Hello sweet friends!

How many of you have said in the past few weeks, “I can’t believe it’s the end of November already.”? Don’t lie, I see you! 🙂 November is like a warning month, telling us to prepare for the year ending. Get all those things done that need completed and wrapped up. How many of you feel like you’ve been battered these past few months? One thing after another, impeding progress, preventing success. Or maybe, the success is hard won. I feel you. Been there, doing that! Everywhere you turn that brick wall is in close proximity to our head. There is a bigger picture.

Back a few months ago, I talked about the universal 1 year (Add all the digits of the year until you get a single digit. 2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1). It is a year of beginnings, yes. However, it is also a year of letting go of what needed to leave at the close of the previous 9 year. Many of us (including myself) hang on to what is complete in our lives. We clutch at it’s familiarity even though it may be bashing us over the head to be let go of. This year asked us to change, it asked us to be open to a new way of life, in all aspects. Before we move ahead into the universal 2 year, we still have some things we’ve not dealt with. A universal 2 year is a the year of building. Now that new beginnings are here and we’ve cleaned house, it’s time to get our hands dirty and build what we seek. There can be impatience as we want it like yesterday, but divine timing has it’s own clock. The key next year is slow and steady wins the race!

Let’s get back to this year. Change. For some its a dirty word. I have been making space for change. If we make space and even if we struggle with it, we accept the need for it. Change is necessary for all of us to grow. Although we feel we’ve been beaten over the head, the universe is asking us to question internally see why this is happening. We can blame others and blame externally, but the bigger question is why am I bringing this? Am I resisting change? Am I not seeing the message by letting my ego take charge? It’s asking us to reflect on our inner workings.

As if year ending wasn’t fun on it’s own, we add Mercury Retrograde (MR) to the party, as well. We are already in pre-shadow. Stirs the pot nicely, yes? Mercury will station retrograde at 11:34pm PST December 2, 2017. *groan* The thing is, Mercury gets a bad rap for delaying travel, making electronics wonky, and making the easiest conversation difficult. While that is true, it is also a good time to reflect, reexamine, recharge, reset (get the theme?). MR gives us time to adjust our goals. To adjust our thinking, habits, beliefs. It gives us a chance to realign our work with the original intent we began with. When working on our dreams, life, emotions this is the respite we need. If we approach these three weeks as an opportunity to examine who and where we are, it gives us the push forward when it goes direct. Catapulting our work and dreams forward. Don’t hate on MR. Just expect it and all that it comes with. You may still be frustrated, but at least you know when to stop pushing so hard.

Remember we are all struggling with this. Be kind, be compassionate, to others and with yourself!

As always, I’m here for questions or just a hug!





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