Don’t Feed the Brain

Our brain’s are powerful. The constant conversation in our minds is a program your brain runs to distract you from what your heart really wants. When working through anxiety or any mental illness one can feel almost desperate to find a moment of peace and calm. So, how can you find a moment of peace?

There is a practice of not engaging with your brain. What does that mean? Our brain is designed to protect us, its our ego. It knows if it brings up certain topics or thoughts, it will cause you to engage and cause you to go into fear, anxiety, and depression. First step is to become aware of what triggers you. What does your brain say to get you into that high emotion that shuts your magic down?

When you know what that is, begin to become aware of when it shows up. Once you see the pattern your brain has, pause and take a breath each time. The pause allows energetic recognition of that pattern. After practicing the pause for a awhile, begin to not engage with that thought. It wants you to. See it as an object and allow it to exist but shift your focus to something else.

Understand this takes practice and understand this is simplified to begin the process of becoming aware. The awareness is key. While you’re allowing the thought to exist within your brain, not engaging gives you the control to act or not, depending on what’s warranted. When you step back you stay in your center and in your power. Try it for a week, see if helps even just a little.

Reach out if you have questions.


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