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Greetings lovelies,

One of the many possible reasons why a person who suffers from depression has a difficult time existing in the world around them is due to the intense energy they feel. Imagine, if you will, that you have a bruise and someone repeatedly hits you directly on that bruise. It will hurt and you feel overwhelmed with the pain. Energy is all around us and within us. People give off energy, plants give off energy, electrical lines emit huge amounts of energy, anything that moves creates energy. Our emotions can emit a great deal of energy, for example, if you are angry or having a bad day, your energy field is huge. Everyone that comes into close proximity to you will feel and react to that energy.

Many who try to find balance with depression have an energy receptor that is already taxed and ultra sensitive. It can be the energy around them that causes raised levels of anxiety and initiate the fight or flight hormone in their body. If you live in a city the energy is frenetic and quite intense even for a person who doesn’t cope with anxiety or a mental illness. It’s part of the reason Autistic children have a hard time being in public situations where there are lights, people and so much stimulation, it’s all energy. Understanding how sensitive each of us is to energy is a positive step towards being able to cope with the energy.

Coping with energy can be trial and error, but something will, trust that. I would like to share 5 things I use to help reduce the fight or flight within me. My wish is that one may speak to you or it will lead you to the thing that works for you.

  1. Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is a very powerful grounding stone. It connects you with the earth. It also aids in protecting you against EMF’s and also the energy of the people around you. Stones give off a frequency that aids the body in balancing and protecting itself. Your body reacts to that frequency in a positive (or negative) way. I have black tourmaline everywhere, in my office at work (especially there), in my car, and I have been known to stick one in my bra. Go to your local crystal shop and find one that speaks to you, there’s always one (if not many).
  2. Salt lamp. They’re all the rage now, but I do feel they work so well. I notice a difference in my home when it’s turned off. The energy and EMF’s my TV, computers, microwave, fridge, and anything electrical is magnified if it is turned off. It also makes a positive impact on my sleep. The Himalayan Salt neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation and purifies the air. It neutralizes the positive ions in the air and traps any particles or debris within the water it absorbs.
  3. Essential Oils. Each of us has a scent that really lifts our spirits. Mine is Bergamot and Roses. Bergamot lifts my spirits and Rose soothes me and keeps me calm. I often add a drop or two to my lotion infusing it within my energy all day. You can also purchase a room diffuser or jewelry that you can add drops and create an aromatherapy experience all day. I have also created sprays with essential oils that can give the room or yourself an up lift emotionally. What scents work for you?
  4. Music. Music is sometimes one of the best ways to deal with energy. Whether you are a heavy metal officiando or you enjoy country music, they give off certain frequencies that help us cope with all of life. There are channels on YouTube that have relaxing, meditative and healing music that vibrates certain frequencies in your body. They help bring your body’s frequency back into alignment with being calm and relaxed. Here is one of my favorites:
  5. Meditations/Visualizations. I know, I know if one more person tells you to meditate… Hear me out. Meditation is not just about sitting in silence, it is so much more. I use meditations to visualize what my intent is. If I’m going to an event or a place where there are crowds, I will sit and set my intent. One visualization that works very well for me is to visualize yourself surrounded by protective light. Where only love flows in and only love flows out. If you’re in touch with angels, ask Archangel Michael to help protect you and those around you from disturbing or negative energy. It works.

It’s worth exploring different avenues that will make each day easier to move through. Try as many as you find.

What have you found helps you cope?


1 thought on “Energy & You

  1. That’s a great article!!

    I so agree with the Meditation point! I myself am lazy in sitting in silence and concentrating by closing the eyes. I did this only once. But yes, it is much more than that. I believe if we just directly talk to the higher force, seeing the higher force as your only true self, you will find it connecting with you. Lately, I have been seeing angels and Pure Souls trying to connect with me. The sleep can become another form of meditation which can take you to other dimensions. I dont believe in just focusing on getting there. Invoke the love in you for that divine light first and then the Lord will send angels to you to reach and merge in him. I have seen divine light engulfing me in it. This was very shocking to me as I never meditate. Universe talks to me in all the possible ways. If I start writing it, this is will another article for people to read.

    Loved this article!! 😀

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