Doing the Dishes

Most people have dishwashers in their home, but many (including me) still do dishes by hand. I’ve only once lived in an apartment that had an actual dishwasher that worked. Doing the dishes…what can that mean? In logical reality it means cleaning your dishes. Simple enough.

However, when it comes to energetic reality and emotional reality, it can mean so much more. Yesterday I touched on the reality of depression. Today I’m sharing something that can keep me moving forward, even if it’s the most simple of tasks.

With depression, everything we need to do in our day/life becomes a monumental task. We all have that to-do list on repeat in our brain. When you’re not emotionally okay, it becomes dead weight in our being. The more you need to get done the heavier you feel, and consequently the less you want to get out of bed. Our lists have become too big for us to feel we can cope with and so, we burrow under our blankets.

Remember yesterday when I spoke about digesting small amounts? I made a pact with my brain (because it yells at me constantly) that if I did my dishes each day, then the rest can wait. I know to some it may sound ridiculous, but when I’m not yelling at myself all that I SHOULD be doing, I find I get a lot more done. I can function and not want to step into the avoidance mode.

For others it could be something else, for example, making your bed, brushing your teeth, or even getting dressed as if you were going out into the world. They all can make a huge difference. See, some tasks carry the energetic weight of intention. Doing my dishes, to me, satisfies my brain’s need for order and being prepared for the next day. So, each evening about 8:00 pm I get up and wash my dishes. It is so simple, but it has the biggest impact on my sleep and the next day. I don’t want to get up (or not) with the feeling, omg, I have to do dishes…ugh!

What small task can you achieve today or tomorrow that may help ease the burden your brain puts on you?

All my love,


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