Deep Change

Hello lovelies,

I am writing to you from under my covers. Well…ok…I want to be under my covers. There is something wonderful about the exposure the topic of depression or any mental illness is getting in social media. It’s important to talk about it.

In this article we aren’t going to discuss what everyone else is discussing. Most of those struggling are tired of hearing ways to overcome their depression. While our friends are well-meaning and have a true desire to help, fact is, we don’t care. Chances are some of us already know how to deal with it. Some of you may say, well what do you know about sadness and depression? Most healers suffer from some level of depression. For most of us it is why we are healers. We have suffered, we still suffer at times. When we move through the darkness we come into a space of needing to support and share what we’ve experienced with those who need it.

Me personally, I struggle around change. Especially big emotional change or life changes. I enter the energy of apathy and become energetically paralysed with self-doubt and fear. So, about every few years I decide (at random) to make huge changes in my life. It’s how I grow. I love my comfort zone, I know where the boogeyman is and I know where the bodies are buried, so to speak. However, I spend far too much time in my comfort zone, so, the universe gives me a big push into a new phase of life. For example, giving away all of my personal belongings and moving across country to a state and a town I only recently visited, AFTER I decided to move there. Most recently, I quit my full-time job to pursue my creative career and sort myself out. Say WHAT?! A self-professed workaholic quit their….wait…what?

With these huge shifts come huge amounts of sadness, fear and self-doubt. I am a master avoider…I know, it’s not a word, but just roll with it. I can avoid life better than most people I know. So I spend a lot of time doing anything I can to avoid that fear. However, over time and with a lot of self cajoling, I begin to digest pieces of that fear in small nibbles. It’s my process.

So, what do my depressed friends want, you ask? Each person is different, so our depressions are different. Some want the push to be social, some need help in being able to exist in life. Ask your friends, how can I best help you? Don’t guess, just ask. Some may not know. Some just need space to talk out how they feel in a safe environment to be heard. Some want cake….or brownies…or ice cream. The only way you can support someone in the way they need is by talking to them. Talk! You don’t need to be a Gemini to love to talk.

For those of you suffering right now, I validate your pain. Regardless of what it is, I validate your need to hide under the covers, binge on Netflix, play endless Candy Crush or Solitaire.  I get it. Our sanity can revolve around a moment in time not dealing with the crowd in your head telling you all you should be doing. Sit, play, watch, and be. The day will come when you see a ray of light that you can get out of bed and be in the world, but you’re safe right now, and I’m glad.

For those who are brave and have ventured in the world, you get a gold fucking star. I mean every bit of that. The struggle is real and I recognize the effort it takes.

This by no means will connect and vibe with every person who suffers from depression. If you connect with it great, if you don’t, on to the next article. Regardless of what you suffer from or have achieved alliance with, I love you. I see you. I recognize your pain and validate every bit of it.

Go forth and spread the love.


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